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Boomhauer - Work On A Spell EP

€ 7
TitleWork On A Spell EP
Price € 7
Record labelBad Afro Records
Catalogue noFRO-037
Year of release2004
Stock listBoomhauer
Additional info2000 Danish Bad Afro Records 2-track vinyl 7" single - picture cover.

Perfect vinyl, perfect labels, perfect picture sleeve - as new.


Side 1:
1. Kitty
2. Caught Myself
3. All Right Jim

Side 2:
1. Not All Out Of Luck
2. Hit The Pedal
3. Ditching

Bad Afros affection for the Finnish rock scene is well documented and over the years we have presented The Flaming Sideburns, Sweatmaster, The Festermen, Larry And The Lefthanded, Duplo and Trouble Bound Gospel. Boomhauer fits right in there and we just had to present their first release outside of Finland. Boomhauer is from Turku and are touring buddies with Sweatmaster. They released their debut album "Wild Human Condition" in late 2003 on Stupido Twins and have two 6-track 7" EP's out already. Work On A Spell follows in that tradition and display 6 wacky, semi-spastic rock tunes with funny lyrics. Limited to 500 copies.
' - Bad Afro