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Breeders - Last Splash - Authentic US Platinum Record Award

€ 300
TitleLast Splash - Authentic US Platinum Record Award
Price € 300
Record labelElektra Entertainment
Catalogue no
Year of release1993
GradingM- (Content)/VG++ (Frame)
Stock listBreeders
Additional inforare authentic mid 1990ies Elektra Entertainment platinum RIAA Certified Saled Award record award presented to Spin writer and musician Jim Greer to commemorate the sale of more than 1.000.000 CD & Cassette copies of the 'last Splash' album in the USA.
Silvery MC and Disc are mounted alongside front booklet artwork on a custom 'arrow' design artwork background and finally on a dark grey marbled background.
Award has RIAA sales Certification and hologram in the lower left corner combined with custom engraved dedication plaque. Framed and glased award measures 65 x 39,5 cm and has intact 'IllEagle' manufacturors tag on back. Record award is within all probability manufactured mid 1990ies.

Condition: M- (Content)/VG++ (Frame):

All content is still sealed by original intact cardboard on back. Frame has a little scuffing - next to nothing, back sticker some light bend and cardboard a little upper rip - otherwise perfect.