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July - July - 2014 European Parlophone label 12-track Mono RSD LP

€ 31
TitleJuly - 2014 European Parlophone label 12-track Mono RSD LP
Price € 31
Record labelParlophone Records
Catalogue no0825646335329
Year of release2014
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listJuly
Additional info2014 European Parlophone label limited edition 12-track mono LP manufactured for Record Store Day 2014.

The original album by Ealing, U.K. psychedelic rock combo was issued in 1968 by the Major Minor label and is very rare and extremely sought after - essential great inventive acidic songwriting and instrumentation - completely unique and again not without comparison towards the first two Pink Floyd albums - some really amazing psychedelic guitar work. "My Clown" is considered to be one of the great psychedelic singles of all time* featuring Tony Duhig of Jade Warrior and Assagai.

Vinyl is pressed as translucent rainbow splattered yellow vinyl with replicas of the original Major Minor company labels - held in a picture cover preserving Steve Hills original acidic collage/artwork - still factory sealed and new!


Side 1:
1. My Clown
2. Dandelion Seeds
3. Jolly Mary
4. Hallo To Me
5. You Missed It All
6. The Way

Side 2:
1. To Be Free
2. Move On Sweet Flower
3. Crying Is For Writers
4. I See
5. Friendly Man
6. A Bird Lived


Tom Newman - Vocals, Composer
Tony Duhig - Guitar
Jon Field - Flute, Keyboards
Chris Jackson - drums
Alan James - bass

Technical Credits:
Tommy Scott - Production
Mike Ross - Recording Engineer

Stephen Hill - Cover Design

*Steven McDonald, Allmusic