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Pandemonica - I - 2000 Danish Helicopter

€ 55
TitleI - 2000 Danish Helicopter
Price € 55
Record labelHelicopter Records
Catalogue noHR11
Year of release199?
GradingStill Factory Sealed
Stock listPandemonica
Additional infoRare original 2000 Danish Helicopter label 8-track LP - Part 1 of Lorenzo Woodroses - Uffe Lorenzens - Pandemonica trilogy - recorded and released just prior to forming Baby Woodrose.

Music varies from psychedelia to soundscapes and symphonic pieces.

This is the 2nd pressing of the album - pressed a very few month after the initial release.
The 2nd pressing has a ca 3 mm spine, lower right back Helicopter logo is printed with dark grey on black and - even though hard to see - still easily detectable.
The 1st pressing of this album came in a cover with no spine - cover was simply bend and upper and lower extension flips subsequently glued under the back cover part.
The helicopter logo on lower right back on the 1st perssing was printed black on balck and thus virtually impossible to see.

The 2nd pressing was manufactured in 200 copies - a total of 400 copies was pressed all in all and the album was after the two first pressings never reprinted.

Condition: Still Factory Sealed:
Unopened and unused - perfect underneath the shrink wrapping - new.


Side 1:
1. Full psyrkle
2. Tomorrow may never come
3. Family tree
4. Don't look back

Side 2:
1. The visit
2. Deus ex machina
3. Lost in the garden
4. Morning dew

Uffe Lorentzen - All instruments, production, engineering, mix